The Different Methods of Carrying Out Hard Drive Destruction

When companies are upgrading their technology hardware, downsizing employees, or otherwise find themselves with surplus or unwanted IT equipment the largest challenge they face is proper hard drive destruction and data security liabilities.

Most companies enlist computer liquidators and IT asset disposition firms (ITAD) to perform computer recycling, PC disposal, and IT liquidation projects. Many of these firms will only have the capability of picking up and recycling or reselling the equipment and cannot meet the stringent security requirements a company may have.

For financial institutions, healthcare providers and other industries that are heavily regulated it is important to commission a vendor at least capable of performing physical hard drive destruction or hard drive shredding and pulverization.

Even if your firm feels wiping hard drives is a secure enough method it is important that hard drive shredding or degaussing is an option for any drive that fails to wipe properly or is no longer functioning. Although a PC might not turn on, or a server drive no longer works, it does not mean that the data on the drive no longer exists.

The ability to perform physical data destruction is a very important aspect of proper PC disposal, computer liquidation, and hard drive disposal. The following is a brief guide of the options to consider for hard drive destruction.

Drilling Hard Drives Many companies that deal with a smaller amount of retired hard drives choose to have staff drill hard drives through the tracks in order to render the drive unusable. Although this method is effective, I suggest wiping the drives and disposing of the equipment through a trusted vendor after the drilling is performed.

Degaussing Degaussing is a method of using strong electromagnetic charges to destroy data along with the timing tracks and servomotors. Degaussing machines have come a long way since their inception to the data center, and can be safely used to destroy drives quickly and effectively in the constraints of small areas.

Hard Drive Shredder Hard driver shredders are usually large machines that use a series of gears to more pulverize hard drives into small pieces. Data on the hard drives become unrecoverable by grinding hard drives into small pieces and making it impossible to reconstruct the drives and ultimately the path to the data. There are many computer liquidators that offer hard drive shredding service as well as on-site hard drive shredding. DoD Wiping

Department of Defense grade wiping refers to using a software solution to overwrite the path of data with a series of binary code. This method is extremely effective and allows the drive to be sold along with any used IT equipment that may have value. There are many different ways to properly dispose of hard drives and liquidate IT equipment. When dealing with the challenges of proper data destruction it is important to weigh the different options according to your company's needs and security requirements.