About a DNA Computer

In today’s technology a lot of computers have come into emergence – and they come in different forms. Today, if we say the word “computer” most people would probably think of laptops, desktops, and all sorts of computers wherein they have a keyboard and a mouse. In this context, we will use the term computer to refer to devices or the technology which stores data into binary form and assembles it in a format that we can understand easily. DNA computers are examples of nanotechnology or Nano science. This means that most DNA computers are used in making our bodies better because they can be integrated into our bodies so that we may be able to make our health better.

One example of this would be the integration of DNA computer into the blood stream, with this reason a DNA computer may be considered as a Nano computer. When a DNA computer is integrated into the blood stream, it will be able to monitor blood pressure also, if there is a chemical imbalance in the body, it may be able to synthesize the needed chemicals in order to restore the equilibrium in our bodies. The potential of DNA computers as of today is far better than any type of computers. Though DNA computers are only in developmental stage today, there are already a number of fields where DNA computers are found to be very helpful.

In today’s time, a single gram of dried DNA computers has the storage capacity that of a trillion CDs. But as we have mentioned above that DNA computers are only in their developmental stages, it may be hard to control and manipulate it now. But expect that in the near future, DNA computer technology will be refined so that it may be used easily as well as manipulated.