The Mailing Room Launches New Mobile Site

Use of mobiles and tablets is increasing fast with almost 10% of visits to The Mailing Room now coming through handheld devices. Their aim is to allow mobile and tablet readers to have the best possible experience when using The Mailing Room website on smaller screens. Therefore, after several months of development, they are delighted to announce the launch of their new responsive mobile website. Having rebuilt the mobile site from the ground up, focusing on improving user experience, reliability and download speed, the site aim is to provide the best user experience for reading content, whatever your device. The new mobile website is a major first step towards providing easy to find information and is optimised for smaller screens such as smartphones and tablets up to seven inches. Experience The site is designed to provide a better reading experience, with a focus on simplicity. On any mobile device, you will be presented with a clear view of the key sections within the site with minimal distraction. From the home page there is a simple choice of the headline sections for franking, software solutions, folder inserters, hybrid mail and mailing room equipment.

Also, there are simple methods on contacting The Mailing Room via email or mobile phone. Speed and reliability Overall you will find the site fast to use, as it has been built with optimised the code to make it more efficient to download. The Mailing Room used the very latest technologies to allow the delivery content quicker, while also ensuring the site is accessible to all and functionally rich. The new architecture allows the site to be much more robust during high-traffic periods. Responsive across devices Rather than designing one size for all mobile devices, you’ll find our new site is responsive and will scale up on mobiles and smaller tablets. The site is optimised for up to seven inch devices, but you can still use it at any size. The Mailing Room are continuing to work on the design, functionality and user interface, and are committed to learning from how you use the site so it evolves to best serve all web experiences Evolution of functionality Rather than release a site with every feature built, you’ll find this site will continue to grow and evolve. This means customer seeing the benefits as early as possible, but also means seeing just the first steps toward a much better overall experience.

The Mailing Room is continuing to work hard to add features such as search and the ability to write comments to match desktop website functionality. Andrew Parmenter, Marketing Manager for The Mailing Room commented; “With the increase in popularity of mobile smart devices such as the iPhone & Blackberry, it is important to provide all new and prospective customers information in the format that is right for them. Our new mobile site is the beginning of this process as we aim to provide additional services online.” Feedback We’d really like your feedback. Please visit the link at the bottom of the page on a mobile and let us know what you think and join one of our social networking pages or visit