Google Penguin Update

Google’s Penguin is a recent update for better search results. Google penguin is an update regarding webspam. Experts believe that the move would render or allow decrease of rankings for any given site that violates Google’s existing quality guidelines. Following would be some tips to safeguard your own website.

Avoid including hidden text and links

Presenting links, text or any other information to search engines more differently than to visitors is called as a hidden text and link. It’s considered a bad practice as the website can be penalized. Avoid using font size zero, text behind image and using CSS to hide text.

Avoid keyword stuffing/spamming

Keyword stuffing is an unethical practice when more than the requisite keywords are used inside a post to gain exposure in search engines. Not to use any irrelevant keywords in the posts and to maintain a clean post is important.

Avoid using duplicate content

Avoid including duplicate content for any given website. A method to avoid duplicate content on websites is to minimize including similar looking content and using 301 redirect web pages. Discussion forums, printer-only version of web pages, stored items linked via multiple distinct URLs are the types of webpages which might be assessed as the duplicate content. Webmasters might create poor quality web pages for targeting a specific keyword or phrase. These are called doorway pages. Such pages frustrate users and violates webmaster guidelines. Doorway pages have an auto-generated content and are not essential to any user.

Avoid Black-Hat link building

Google would penalize those websites that stray away from the context of the main page. One would indeed have to be careful about link building and backlinking strategy.

Avoid affiliate marketing

A better practice would be to follow good quality content and later apply the website for affiliate marketing. Scrapped content and auto generated content must not be applied to the website.


Google search has a new update for better search results called penguin update. A number of precautions and essential tips can be followed for maintaining a website within Google’s existing quality guidelines.

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