Top Ten Factors Cause Android Success Into The World’s Largest Smart Phone Platform

According to media reports, Google Android platform surpass Nokia Symbian and become the world's largest smartphone platform in the fourth quarter of 2010, this end the history that Symbian lead the smart phone market more than 10 years.

Recently, the American IT website eWEEK published the articles by freelance writer Don Reisinger, analysis the ten factors that cause android success into the world's largest android smart phone platform The following is a summary of the article: 1.The continuous improvement system Android's success in 2010, mainly due to its own continuous improvement system. Google first launched Android 1.x, although it runs good, it still needs improvement. The Android 2.2 and Android 2.1 has begun to enable the user to obtain a great satisfaction. Now Google's upcoming Android 3.0 system, which will undoubtedly further consolidate its dominant position in the eyes of users. 2.Phone products have excellent performance Android smartphones equipped with the excellent performance is an important guarantee for the successful system. Motorola Droid X which uses a 4.3-inch touch-screen design is the best smartphone to watch the multimedia content on the market currently. The HTC Evo, Samsung Galaxy S and many other Android smartphone also attract the consumer enthusiasm. 3.Support a number of operators Apple launched iPhone series in 2007, but it is subject to AT & T's exclusive distribution rights, iPhone sales cannot able to continue to expand in the U.S. market. The Android smart phone doesn't have this status, all major U.S. mobile operators have launched their own mobile networks Android powered smartphone. This provides convenient conditions for users to choose Android phones. Has a much larger market of users is critical for the future development of mobile platforms, but Apple do not seem to agree with this view. 4.The product of apple is single One of the major reason impede Apple iOS become the largest smart phone platform in the fourth quarter of last year is the company's iPhone is too simple. Indeed, Apple has iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 in the sale, but compare with a variety of Android smart phone that landed by almost all U.S. mobile operators store, Apple iPhone is no market advantage. 5.Microsoft WP7 become lost market share Another important factor that impel Google Android smart phone operating system market leadership is Microsoft WP7's market share drop. As with Google, Microsoft also introduced a self-developed smart phone operating system, and rely on mobile phone manufacturers to provide hardware products. However, Microsoft took too long to develop the operating system so that its market share has been declining. In fact, Microsoft WP7 shipments of smart phones has dropped by 20.3% year on the fourth quarter last year, while Google Android smart phone shipments have increased more than six times. 6.Superior market strategy Android smart phone marketing strategy can be described as Superior. In fact, Motorola smart phones greatly enhanced its own sales and other Android phones sales with its Droid brand marketing strategy. Like Apple, Motorola is also well versed in product marketing. Google, also, with its own advertising and marketing tool to expand the users for Android brand awareness. Now, all these marketing efforts are been receiving a good return. 7.Nokia Lost To meet users smart phone operating system requirements, Nokia's Symbian system gradually lost in the competition. While Google is just make full use of this strategic blunder. Google did not follow the usual practice of Nokia, it absorbs the modes of Apple and Microsoft, provide a new next-generation smart phones platform for phone manufacturers. It now appears that Google's decision is correct. In this process, the Nokia Symbian operating system becomes out of date. 8.Handset makers to force performance The more efforts of Android system success should be attributed to Google, but the forces from Samsung, Motorola and HTC mobile phone manufacturers are equally important. In fact, without the support of these three mobile phone vendors, Android can achieve success today is unknown. These firms not only launched the Android mobile phone products with excellent performance, but also help Google improve the popularity of the Android system. 9.Google brand enjoys popular support after do the performance evaluation of mobile phone, consumers also have to look at whether a company is reliable. This is the content when consumers purchase products always pay attention to. The Google brand awareness and reputation has been highly respected in the industry. Google is out of the trust that consumers believe the company will only provide more comfort for their product experience. This is the Android system, one of the main factors for success. 10. First focus on the Individual users market

In defining the abdroid system Individual users, one of the most sensible decision of Google is that first focus on the Individual users market, and in the beginning of the development did not venture into the RIM-led business users market. Google realized the importance of marketing strategy that first occupation of the consumer market and then to the business. Now, the success of the consumer market let Google can spare to pay attention to business users market. With the Android platform in the smart phone market dominance as a support, as long as the proper strategy, Google should be able to compete with RIM in the enterprise market.