What Is A CDM Coordinator

The construction industry can be challenging in terms of building regulations, health and safety, and potential environmental impact. It is the reason why there are people who are trained to ensure that building and construction standards are adhered to without fail. What is a CDM coordinator? It is the person who enforces such standards.

As one of the many professional practitioners in the industry, they also consider other factors such as checking legislative which might have an effect on standards that affect building and construction. It is important for them to inspect some of the procedures and materials used in the industry which if left unchecked, can bring about harm.

Other duties that a CDM coordinator undertakes, includes assisting a client who has a project at hand to comply with the rules and regulations that are set by the health and safety industry. It is stated that the client of a project should notify and appoint a CDM coordinator, which is a requirement stated in the Construction Regulations. According to the regulations, a client should ensure that they only work or engage in duties of a professional CDM coordinator. This allows the professional to provide quality and sufficient advice in helping their client comply with the set standards.

The person is also required to notify or inform the HSE about a project. This is done using an official document known as the F10 form. As a project commences, they are supposed to identify and collect information on pre construction. As they review and evaluate what is available, they are able to advice their client appropriately. They are also supposed to make sure that all the parties involved in the project are aware of the steps and parts involved in the pre construction information. Other main duties include managing how information gets to all the parties involved in the project.

If a CDM coordinator identifies aspects of the construction that might not be in line with set regulation, they can advise the client on suitable methods, procedures or materials to use. They are also required to advise the client on how well their initial construction plan gauge with that of the welfare arrangement. As they work with a client, it is their duty to come up with a health and safety file. This should also be updated as it is needed. In general they are concerned in upholding and enforcing project health and safety risk management matters.

A CDM coordinator should be engaged during the initial stages of a construction project as this is the best time to manage health risks. It might be difficult to make correction or changes later on during the construction phase. It is much better to eradicate any kind of a mistake, health risk or problem during the design phase.